Live Art for Børn: Nordkraft 2016

We produce performance art festivals for children under the title „Live Art for Børn“ since 2014. Read more about the concept here.

Our Live Art for Children festivals present political works that debate power relations between children and adults in playful and humorous ways. In many of them something is really at stake, the participating children actually effect changes on real structures and relationships in the community, often using strategies borrowed from games. They experience that the “what-if” of playing is transferred to reality, and that with imagination and willpower they can affect the society they are part of. Children are also citizens.

There are film, theater, books and music specifically intended for children, but not a lot of art for children. And certainly not performance art! During our festival at Kunsthal Nord and Teater Nordkraft we offered a theatrical performance, a performance art piece and a workshop every day.

Leena Kela from Finland went through the history of performance art from A-Z, creating a series of hilarious situations with, among other materials, balloons and honey. Classics for kids from Norway plays Virginia Woolf in a child-friendly version. The children were invited to knock down a New Zealand professor and ask questions to a real ass. They tested 50 dangerous things, changed their sex and played contemporary music with Goodiepal and friends.

Mark Harvey: Entrance Party

Klassikere for kids: Til Fyret 

Mark Harvey og Leena Kela: Pssst!

Dariusz Fodszcuk: Tiny Private Demonstration

Workshop med Goodiepal & Venner 50 farlige ting (alle børn bør prøve)

Leena Kela: Performance-alfabetet

Workshop med Eilidh MacAskill og Carl Michael Richardt

Ulla Hvejsel: Røven på komedie

Louise Orwin: Pretty Ugly på Teater Nordkraft (Watt)

Jeannette Ehlers: Black Matter