Live Art For Kids in the SORT/HVID Theatre

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The sound of life

In 2023, our tenth Live Art for Children festival will take place at Theater Black/White under their new profile as a stage for music-dramatic development. We had a wonderful collaboration with them around the Live Art for Children Festival in 2017 and look forward to moving into their house again. Live Art for Children is an annual festival for children, young people, their parents, grandparents and adults. V i shows international performance, experimental theater and participant-based live art projects. The works are selected according to an inverse principle – they are often originally created for adults, and must not exclude children. This is because we want to show works that are really interesting for all ages. Live Art Denmark has shown the festival annually since 2014, and always in collaboration with existing theatres, museums and art galleries all over Denmark. They have had themes such as “politics and social criticism”, “child labour”, “magic”, “gender” or “food”. It is high time that we dedicate a Live Art for Children Festival to the exciting field between sound and action; interpreted by contemporary artists! The modern performance art from the 1950s grew out of the question of what music and sound, dance and movement, do. The preoccupation with the relationship between art, sound and life is still evident in the works we have selected: