KABOOM – The Art of Destruction

KABOOM – the art of destruction is a dynamic performance lecture which includes and invites an audience of all ages to participate in destructions inspired by the history of art. Suitable from 6 years and up.

When is it O.K. to destroy? How can you destroy something in a great way and why may it be necessary?

In KABOOM – the art of destruction we investigate the forbidden joy of smashing things. We invite the whole family to wreck stuff together with us on stage. Together we will eat, smash, cut and transform. We also talk about works from the art history, where destruction is a creative force leading to new works.

Example: In the guitaraction in the image, the sound of the destruction of the guitar is recorded, sampled and live transformed into a new piece of music.

KABOOM performed in English at Spill Festival 2023. Press clipping. At Hangö Festival it was performed in Swedish. Press clipping. Send a mail to henrik(@)liveart.dk to get video links.

The performance can play in most locations. Duration: 45 minutes. For all audience from 6 years and up.
With two of following performer: Henrik Vestergaard, Katrine Leth Nielsen, Tobias Shaw or Daniel Norback
Director: Henrik Vestergaard
Dramaturg: Ellen Friis
Costume: Maria Ipsen
Producer: Lars Vind-Andersen
Set design: David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo & Jonas Kjeldgaard Sørensen

KABOOM: The Art of Destruction is inspired by Sibylle Peters / FUNDUS THEATER / Forschungstheater ”Kaputt!”. Our version of Kaputt was held in Copenhagen Contemporary, October 2020 and lead to Kaboom, which was selected as a showcase performance during the CPH STAGE 2022.

For the inspiration for this show, we also thanks Felix Gonzales-Torres, Anonyme Kunstnere, Kate McIntosh, Gustav Metzger, Jan Erikson, Rachael Clerke, Banksy, Asger Jorn, Lucio Fontana, Sabura Murakami, Pete Townsend, Mathias Kristersson, MF Doom, Raphael Montañez Ortiz, Jørgen Nash, Katrine Dirckinck-Holmfeld, Blixa Bargeld, Diether Roth, Niki de Saint Phalle and many other artists.