PLAYING UP: A Live Art Game for Kids and Adults 

We exhibited the 36 cards of the original version in Copenhagen Contemporary 2019. In 2020, we produced a special Nordic version or „Expansion Pack“ with 16 Nordic performance artists. They were exhibited in the Faroe Islands 2021, then in Kraka Plads in Copenhagen (again with CC), and in Harstad, Norwegen (Artic Arts Festival), 2022. In 2023 we show Playing Up at Aarhus Festuge.

In 2021, we also developed a „Gender Edition“ with Fundus Forschungstheater a.o. and tested it in Copenhagen Contemporary, November 2021.

Paint your ear green, lie on top of cars, dance with animals, try bagism, make a ketchup fight, follow a random passerby through the city, remote control your parents, search for miracles, walk through Copenhagen with a map of Paris, invent an alter ego of the opposite gender, deconstruct electrical devices, and build what-happens-next-machines!

PLAYING UP is a game played by adults and kids together. Players are presented with a pack of cards, organized using six different categories which cover different strategies of Live Art. Each card references a specific Live Art piece or event followed by an instruction to be carried out by the players. Players select a card and then follow the given instructions.

PLAYING UP is produced and published in a collaboration between the Live Art Development Agency (LADA, UK), FUNDUS THEATER / Theatre of Research (Germany), Tate Early Years and Family Programme (UK)Best Biennial (Sweden) and Live Art UK, with the generous support of the Goethe-Institut London. PLAYING UP forms part of LADA’s contribution to the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP) supported by Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

If you are interested in presenting Playing Up we recomend that you read this information.