LIVE ART FOR CHILDREN 2020 in Copenhagen Contemporary –

RACHAEL CLERKE (UK):  A Spell for Making a Building Dissappear.

A concert created from sounds found and collected outside.

KAPUTT! The Academy of Destruction

Can we see destruction in a different way if we look at it through the lens of Live Art? Will we be able to see that destruction is not only about violence, hatred and rage, but that there is more to it? Together, we will try to reclaim destruction as a cultural strategy, that can be marvellous, manifold, careful and mindful.

Inspired by a.o. these artists: Gustav Metzger, Katharina Duve, Dieter Roth, Eva Meyer-Keller, Jeremy Deller and Steven Cripps.

The original version was created by Fundus Theater, Hamburg. KAPUTT was part of the German-Danish Culture Year of Friendship 2020.