LIVE ART FOR CHILDREN 2020 in Copenhagen Contemporary and Kampnagel, Hamburg.

The Live Art for Children festival was part of the German-Danish Culture Year of Friendship 2020.

RACHAEL CLERKE (UK):  A Spell for Making a Building Dissappear.

A concert created from sounds found and collected outside.

KAPUTT! The Academy of Destruction

Can we see destruction in a different way if we look at it through the lens of Live Art? Will we be able to see that destruction is not only about violence, hatred and rage, but that there is more to it? Together, we will try to reclaim destruction as a cultural strategy, that can be marvellous, manifold, careful and mindful.

Inspired by a.o. these artists: Gustav Metzger, Katharina Duve, Dieter Roth, Eva Meyer-Keller, Jeremy Deller and Steven Cripps.

The original version was created by Fundus Theater, Hamburg.


Stine Marie Jacobsen:


Law is not justice! How can a participatory art project establish alternative knowledge and notions of civil agency within the law? LAW SHIFTERS ignites civil agency within the law by inviting citizens, refugees, immigrants, children and teenagers to rejudge real court cases. Without being burdened by legal terminology, young people discuss their own perspectives on current laws.


Goodiepal is a composer and creates performative situations where messages are codes and transmitted through various media and persons, where by they are changed. At Kampnagel, he created Modstandsdance, dance of resistance, or Trance Dance, together with the Activist Choir. Each step of the dance represented a statement of democratic protest, reflecting different political issues of the day:


You walk into a small workroom – a sweatshop. You are sat down behind a sewing machine, surrounded by piles of fabric, and you are told to work. You work shifts, all while your co-worker breathes down your neck. The machine needs adjusting. Forms need filling in. You take turns sleeping. The production never stops. Seimi Nørregaard stages a performance installation about work. About working conditions, disgust and joy, and about the power work has over us.

Live Art for Kids 2020 was supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and: