Collaborating with Kids

An online seminar with 5 artists/groups and their young collaborators for art professionals, teachers, curators and anybody else. We have interviewed artists, children and young people about projects created in collaborations. What were the intentions? The expectations? What can children teach adults? Are adults and children different species? How? Or why not? What was good about the collaborations?

Participative and inclusive art works are becoming more and more widespread. Spectators are included at various points in the artistic processes in theatre and performance art and become active participants with roles, chores and challenges. It is happening in works for and with children as well. Some may call children natural collaborators and co researchers for artists, since childhood and adolescence is already a period of learning and testing rules in every area from sports, friends, manners, society and nature in general.  

In this series of interviews we do not attempt to draw conclusions, but mainly to present various ways for children, young people and grown artists to develop work together.

Tim EtchellsHester Chillingworth, Sarah, George & Ruari. 

Sibylle Peters, Konrad & Dagmar.

Darren O’Donnell, Bertram, Mattis, Kajsa & Oliver.

Eva Meyer-Keller, Leni, Otis, Clara & Kaisa.

David HarradineSam Butler, Brandy & Gabriela.