Have you ever licked on a 9-volt battery? Lifted popcorn lid when they pop? Never ever? Then this show is for you! The show explores everything that adults usually warn their children against! Trailer from our version (in danish):

The performance is based on the book of the same name (by Julie Spielger and Gever Tulley) and combine it with classic performances scores. For instance Yoko Ono’s “Lightning Piece”: “Light a match and watch till it goes out.” Many kids have never tried to light a match. Performance art can also be dangerous and can push the limits. Today’s kids are allowed to do neither of these.

Robin Deacon director of  Spill Festival 2023 said “Over the last week we were delighted to welcome Live Art Denmark, who presented the show ‘50 Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do). Those shows all sold out quickly and it was a great mix of parents and children exploring the risks and playing together. We could have sold out for many more days.” From Suffolknews. Robin Deacon added in Great British Lifethat children love that sense of danger and the feeling of adventure. Live Art Denmark are experts in creating performances for young audiences and their families and providing a safe environment for children to take risks and try something just a little bit scary.”

50 Dangerous Things (you should let your children do) is adapted for the stage by Forschungstheater / Fundustheater in Hamburg. Live Art Denmark has developed it to the present version that have been shown more than 150 times in Denmark alone.

Herewith my warmest recommendations! Based on performance art, Live Art Denmark transforms the theater into a crazy and lovely situation, where the audience is allowed to do what they normally should not (or dare not).” Clarissa Meister Petersen

The concept really works! Fun and entertaining, while exploratory-participatory. ‘Children’s theater’ and performative study in a perfect combination!” Elise Waagepetersen

Here it was not so much traditional theatrical drama as real, realized curiosity about all that one normally should not do.” Jesper Bjørn Larsen in Villabyernes local newspaper 12 June 2018

The grip of telling about performance artists fits in perfectly with the experiments and the children’s vision. Even an adult like me suddenly learned and understood performance art much better – it’s about playing with and pushing boundaries and reality.” Xenia Winther at Young Theater Blood March 2020