LIVE ART FOR KIDS 2022 in DOKK1, Aarhus Festuge 27. & 28. August and 3. & 4. September 2022.

Dare to dream!

This years´ theme is magic; interpreted as the ability to imagine, visualize and share realities not yet existing. This is a festival for everybody – but especially for those with an intact imagination. No change is possible unless preceded by a vision.

So come and meet performance artists, who have trained magic or math, have studied the lives of plants, animals and spirits; who are probing the limits of the current reality or society – and imagining a world beyond them.

Featuring: Liz Toonkel (US), Augusto Corrieri (UK), Tom Cassani (UK), Sven Sømod (DK), David Tholander (DK), Jelili Atiku (NG), Blizzard Concept (FR), Live Art Denmark with KABOOM, as well as several workshops and processions.


Saturday 27. august & Sunday 28. august 2022
David Tholander: KuriositetR  (durational) - kl. 10-16
Liz Toonkel: Magic for Animals (45 min) - kl.12.00 og 14.00 (BUY TICKET)
Live Art Danmark: Kaboom (45 min) - kl. 11.00 og 13.00 (BUY TICKET)
Svend Sømod: 8Hz  (durational) -   kl. 12-16
Fatric Bewong (performance recipe): Seven (drop in)  -  kl. 10-14

Saturday 3.September & Sunday 4. september 2022
Tom Cassani: 3 VR works  (durational) -  kl. 10-16
Blizzard Concept: Neptunia (durational) - kl. 10-14
Eva Meyer-Keller/ Sybille Müller (performance recipe): Sounds like Catastrophes (drop in) - kl. 12-16
Jelili Atiku: ỌLỌ́MỌYỌYỌ  – Workshop kl. 11-13 (drop in)    Parade  kl. 13-14
Augusto Corrieri:
SATURDAY This is not a magic show (70 min)  –  kl. 11 og 14. (BUY TICKET)
SUNDAY You, the spectator (35 min)  - kl. 11 og 14 (BUY TICKET)

Live Art for Kids 2022  is supported by Statens Kunstfond, Augustinus Fonden, Aarhus Festuge and DOKK1.

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