BBB Johannes Deimling

Works for Live Art Denmark
2015: “It Won’t Always Grow Back” and “Freedom”, Live Art for Børn at Arken

“It won’t always grow back “
Collaborating with his former student Lotte Kaiser he performed on a set of stairs situated in an unusual position in the corner of one of the museum’s galleries. Brightly colored materials, including yellow gift wrapping paper, white paper stars and blue paper napkins, were displayed and dispersed across the stairs. All actions are carried out in a never changing moderate tempo and in perfect unison. The artists tie straw around their feet and walk a while in their straw shoes, tie the paper stars around their heads and throw glittering confetti. A purely visual, sensual experience, for which, Johannes claims, as for all of his performances, no logical explanation canbe given, except, “perhaps, in poetry only”.

The group performance, also to be found on the above video, is the result of a week long workshop that Johannes held with students of Copenhagen International School. In an different part of the Arken building they carry around large letters cut out of brown cardboard, until they finally lline up in a row to spell the word “Freedom”.

11999947_10153688629944273_986271696_nParts of the performance can be seen on the above video after minute 26.

BBB01About the Artist
For over 15 years BBB Johannes Deimling has invested much of his artistic research into the teaching and learning of performative processes. In 2008 he founded the independent educational and artistic project PAS performance art studies, which holds festivals, studies and events on performance globally. From 2012 to 2016 he held the position of associate professor for performance art at NTA – Norwegian Theatre Academy at the Østfold University College.

Works and info can be found on the websites for BBB Johannes Deimling and PAS.

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