Klassikere for kids

Reviews: «Klassikere for Kids should inspire all who make theatre for children in Norway.» – The Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) «Til fyret contains a number of beautiful and memorable scenes, and these are the ones that probably will shine in my conciousness as golden moments in the future.» – www.scenekunst.no

At Live Art for Børn 3 we will show Vigina Wolf’s “To the Lighthouse”.


James and his parents spend the summer in their summer house, and James wants to go to the lighthouse, the tower standing far out in the bay, blinking at hum wit a yellow eye. «If the weather’s fine», his mother says. In her opinion, children must hope, or else they will just become grown ups. «It won’t be nice,» his father says. He has listened to the weather forecast and sees it as his duty to liberate his son by telling him the truth. This is a theatre performance about loss, about the fact that we all have an inner world which is ours only, and about the important moments that makes time stop. The themes unfold in Klassikere for Kids’ audiovisual design.

At Live Art for Børn 2 we showed Klassikere for kids “Faust”.  In 2013, it was nominated for the prestigious Norwegian theater award, “Heddaprisen”, for the year’s best performance for children and youth.

Faust07 foto Gert van der Pumplerlei

Photo: Gert van der Pumperlei

“With the Klassikere for kids trilogy, I try to create complex, challenging and visually stunning performances. I work with a physical and visual language where the audience must piece together the impressions into their own history. In Klassikere for kids I want the text to serve as a poetic reading key for more abstract and somewhat complicated images. My goal is to create performances that appeal to both adults and children. I create performances that I am proud to show my son”. – Hildur Kristinsdottir



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