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2023 “Danseskolens sublime Parfumer” at Life Art for Children 2023

Danseskolens sublime Parfumer
“Bananskolen” is an open school which appears, sometimes surprisingly, in a wide variety of public contexts and claims to blend politics with art. In the emanation that appeared at our Live Art for Kids festival in Copenhagen in the fall of 2023, Bananskolen was a group of predominantly younger artists who taught the willing parts of the public, all ages included, a folk dance of their own invention.

About the Artists
Bananskolen is an alternative school. Its members are high school students, musicians, activists, and drop-outs. In this school sound is central, students are teachers and teachers are students, and everyone is welcome to come and teach or just observe. Bananskolen wants to be an alternative to the publicly authorised schools and therefore offers instruction in subjects and working methods that are not usually found in primary schools, universities or art academies. As a platform that focuses on genre-crossing experiments and new work formats of audio-artistry, Bananskolen presents visitors with novel ideas and experiences.

Many things have been written about Bananskolen online, but as of November 2023 they don’t seem to be running an own website or SoMe presence.

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