Kosmologym Work with Live Art Denmark 2019 “Probaball” at Live Art for Børn Probaball Kosmologym developed a series of performative games that allow participants to encounter political and ethical issues in original, practical and even fun ways. Probaball explores and practices the ways insurances function to minimise risks. Alluding to the increasing amount of extreme freak weather incidents caused by climate change they say insurance “was born in flames but may be extinguished by floods”. Probaball examines the institution of insurance through a collective risk protection game. Paricipants build cities from wooden building blocks, insure them and then anxiously wait (not for very long) for disasters to strike. About the […]

Kirsten Justesen

Kirsten Justesen Work with Live Art Denmark 2019/20 “Ice Hands”, performance score for “Playing Up” Ice Hands Some artists create marble and stone sculptures that last for thousands of years. Kirsten Justesen started early on working with her own body as a form, and later with ice as a material. Her sculptures do not last forever, because the ice and the body, which are both shaped by nature’s processes, change and disappear with time. In our performance game Playing Up we included two instructions that were inspired by Kirsten’s various works of body art that used ice as their central ingredient. Participants were asked to hold an ice cube in […]

Rachael Clerke

Rachael Clerke Work with Live Art Danmark 2020 “A Spell to Make a Building Disappear” for Performanceopskrifter A Spell to Make a Building Disappear A Spell to Make a Building Disappear is a workshop and performance for children and families to temporarily erase institutional space. It is a rough reworking of a cabaret piece, Sex Noise Choir, that Rachael likes to perform late at night in queer spaces, when everyone is drunk. This version is more mundane – using sounds from outside the gallery space – but is likewise about taking power in unexpected ways, and the radical possibility of learning to use our voices. In A Spell to Make […]

Johannes Zits

Johannes Zits Works With Live Art Denmark 2019 “Dialoguing With Trees”, Live Art for Børn 2019 “Performance Opskrivter” Dialoguing With Trees For this performance Johannes got into an empathic state with the trees and attempted to convey to them the divergent impressions of nature within an art context. He achieved this with nonverbal actions and various found elements. The grouping of trees that I intend to work with attest to how for centuries people have been trying to “tame” nature; making it conform to varying cultural ideals. As successive art movements have been built on top of each other, it necessitated some contextualization in order to let these trees know […]

Hanna Sybille Müller

Hanna Sybille Müller Works with Live Art Denmark2018 “Sounds Like Catastrophes” at Live Art for Børn, with Eva-Maria Keller2019 “Sounds Like Catastrophes” recipe for Performanceopskrifter, with Eva-Maria Keller Sounds Like CatastrophesFor our festival Live Art for Children 2018, Sibylle collaborated with Eva Meyer Keller on an original work, that was performed by six children. Sounds like Catastrophes is part of a series of works that intuitively research catastrophes. It examines the quietness and loudness of the gently increasing or sudden sounds we associate with catastrophes. As part of an initial workshop, children develop an orchestra of everyday materials and objects as sounding boards and instruments. Using these, they compose thunderous […]

Fatric Bewong

Fatric Bewong Works with Live Art Danmark 2019 Performance Opskrifter Recipes for Performances In her interdisciplinary art practice, Fatric focusses on the complex relationships between colonialism and pollution. During her residency at Copenhagen Contemporary she created a walking performance which led her along the further reaches of Copenhagen harbour. With her face painted green and carrying a massive pile of makeshift luggage on her back, she succeeded in inspiring audiences and passers by to reflect issues of migration and colonialism. In a performance recipe that she contributed to our collection that allows audiences to recreate performances that took place at an earlier date, she asks participants to research a near […]


Oblivia Work with Live Art Denmark2019: “Children and Other Radicals” at Live Art for Børn 6 Children and Other RadicalsThe legendary Finnish performance group joined forces with a group of grown ups, children and young people for this unconventional dance piece money, capital and economy that we presented in the program of our 6th Live Art for Børn festival. As the lights gradually and artfully come up, all ten members of the cast stand motionless facing the audience, reciting a series of statements about life in late capitalism, swelling into a chorus of pressure, not knowing and confusion. Ten minutes into the show they, again only gradually, begin to move, […]

Kristoffer Oerum

Kristoffer Ørum Work with Live Art Denmark 2019: Mundane Heroics, ANTI Festival, Finland, Live Art for Børn, Theater Nordkraft, Aalborg, Denmark, Bästa Biennalen, Lund, Sweden. Mundane Heroics The project combines Live Action Role Playing, performance art and sculpture in a participatory project for young people. It brings together a group of young role players from Sweden, Denmark and Finland to create a series of live tableaux in public space. The participants work with everyday household objects, paint, remodel and combine them to seem at once familiar and strange. These objects are picked up, worn and used as props to combine fantasy fiction with elements from their everyday lifes. By performing […]