David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo

David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo was born in Medellín, Colombia, and studied a Bachelor of Fine and Visual Arts at the Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia (U.P.T.C.). At UPTC, the artist experimented with installation, video art and performance while working as a teacher at the preschool and pedagogic research center, “Rayuela”, where he investigated different forms of pedagogy and developed projects with children producing short films. After having finished his studies, the artist travelled to Argentina where he studied a Master in Combined Artistic Languages at Universidad Nacional de las Artes (U.N.A.). Throughout and after his studies in Colombia and Argentina, Sebastian has participated in collective exhibitions in Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Finland. Sebastian has also had individual exhibitions in Argentina. One of his video art works is part of the Colombian consulate’s “Artists abroad bank”.

The video above shows four works and one artist talk:

00:11 – 07:08 Hot Potato

07:16 – 12:58 Walking Coal

13:04 – 27:41 Tusind Tak

27:48 – 36:40 The American Gold

36:40 – 55:45 Artist Talk

At the moment, Sebastian resides in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he works as a independent artist, focusing on performance, video art, installation, mail art and artist books.


Om liveart_dk

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