Klassikere for kids (NO)

Klassikere For Kids Works for Live Art Danmark2015 “Faust” at Live Art for Børn 22016 “Til Fyret” at Live Art for Børn 3 “Klassikere for Kids should inspire all who make theatre for children in Norway.” Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) Faust At Live Art for Børn 2 we showed Klassikere For Kids “Faust”. This interpretation of the dark German classic was nominated for the prestigious Norwegian theatre award “Heddaprisen” as the year’s best performance for children and young people in 2013. Faust for Kids is a performance about the connections between good and evil. Goethe’s text is full of infanticide, violence, lust, heaven and hell. Starting from the idea that with proper […]

Tone Avenstroup (NO/DE)

Tone Avenstroup Work with Live Art Denmark 2007 “This is not a love song #3” at Berliner Luft 3 This is not a love song “This is not a love song # 3”, the performance that Berlin based Norwegian artist and poet Tone Avenstroup brought to Berliner Luft 3  in 2007, presented a meditation on love and its obstacles in the form of a classical material exploration performance art piece combined with some old school media, including slides. The white walls around the stage constantly had words from the lyrics of love songs projected on them. The title giving hit single by Public Image Ltd. fascinated Tone by its obvious […]

Kjersti G. Andvig (NO)

Kjersti G. Andvig Work for Live Art Danmark2012 “I swear on the Stone” at Samtalekøkken I swear on the StoneKjersti G. Andvig presented a performance lecture about her ongoing project “I swear on the Stone” at Samtalekøkken in September 2012. The work she talked about aimed to give a soul to inanimate objects. An important point of reference for it are hadith – records of the words, actions, and the silent approval of the Islamic prophet Muhammad – about the kaaba, the Black Stone in Mecca, which is the most sacred place to muslims and surrounded by many myths. Many of the project’s diverse manifestations have been sound installations, often […]

Kurt Johannessen (NO)

Kurt Johannessen Works for Live Art Danmark 2012 Performance at Samtalekøkken 2015 Two Performances at Live Art for Kids 2 in Scania 2021 “Øvingar” for the Nordic edition of Playing Up! Performance The performance Kurt presented at our Samtalekøkkenet in October 2012 can be read as a study in flies and spiders. As you can witness in the video below, Kurt engages in performance art in the most classic sense of the word, placing and exploring his materials with utmost care and attention. Suspense is created by the intricate relations between his calm movements and the carefully chosen objects – small glass bowls and dead insects among them – that […]