Klassikere for kids (NO)

Klassikere for kids Reviews: «Klassikere for Kids should inspire all who make theatre for children in Norway.» – The Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) «Til fyret contains a number of beautiful and memorable scenes, and these are the ones that probably will shine in my conciousness as golden moments in the future.» – www.scenekunst.no At Live Art for Børn 3 we will show Vigina Wolf’s “To the Lighthouse”. James and his parents spend the summer in their summer house, and James wants to go to the lighthouse, the tower standing far out in the bay, blinking at hum wit a yellow eye. «If the weather’s fine», his mother says. In her opinion, […]

Kjersti G. Andvig (NO)

Kjersti G. Andvig Kjersti G. Andvig (1978) graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo, Norway, 2003. For Samtalekøkkenet September 2012, she presented her – so far – two year long research in giving giving soul to inanimate objects ” I swear on the Stone”.   http://kjersti.andvig.free.fr/