Tone Avenstroup

Work with Live Art Denmark
2007 “This is not a love song #3” at Berliner Luft 3

This is not a love song
“This is not a love song # 3”, the performance that Berlin based Norwegian artist and poet Tone Avenstroup brought to Berliner Luft 3  in 2007, presented a meditation on love and its obstacles in the form of a classical material exploration performance art piece combined with some old school media, including slides. The white walls around the stage constantly had words from the lyrics of love songs projected on them. The title giving hit single by Public Image Ltd. fascinated Tone by its obvious paradox: Isn’t “This is Not a Love Song” a love song? How can something be something that it claims not to be, and which role play words in making it what it is? Or is not?

All photos by Antonio

About the Artist
Tone is a poet, dramaturg, director and performance artist from Oslo/Norway, and lives in Berlin. She studied theatre and literature in Bergen and Berlin/GDR. She was a co-founder of the theatre group Baktruppen in 1986, and a member until 1995. In 1990, Tone moved to Berlin, joining the performance group “Akt” from 1997 to 2000. She has published several volumes of poetry and translations and was an editor of the literary magazine Gegner.

Information about Tone’s productions and publications can be found on her Syssel-website.

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