LIVE ART FOR BØRN  Brandts 2018

Four daysin Brandts Museum of Art with international performance art for the whole family. The theme was food – as a theme in the art and in the society. How is it produced, created and prepared – and what does it mean to us?

 Alison Knowles (US):  MAKE A SALAD: 19.april kl 18:00. 

Make a Salad is an event score by Alison Knowles, 1962. Proposition #2, Make a Salad. We mixed 100 kg of salad with the audience and ate it.

Mammalian Diving Reflex (CA): EAT THE STREET: April 19.-21 at 12 and 6 pm in various restaurants, and April 22., 3 pm in Brandts. 

In this project by prizewinning “Mammalian Diving Reflex” a 6th grade from Rosengård school in Odense was educated food critics by professional chefs. They visited and graded seven restaurants in Odense.

The restaurants were awarded prizes in self-invented categories such as “surprisingly nice bathrooms”. The award ceremony was also organised by the kids and they arrived in limos.

Klas Eriksson (SE): Mc´Donalds ODENSE: April 19th-22nd 

Klas Erikssons “Mc´Donalds Odense” was situated 200 meters from the real McDonalds and had the same menu and the same prizes. So upon placing an order, kids would run and fetch it. it went perhaps a bit slower. And the coffee and food were a bit colder. You did not always get the spare change back again. But you mostly got what you ordered.

See the work in our VR Arkiv.

Victoria Stanton (CA): FULL CIRCLE 19.april, 22.april. Drop-in.

Victoria Stanton : Full Circle  If you want to taste the cake from Odenses best bakery, you need to find a child who will feed you!

Søren Berner (CH): STILL LIFE: Outside Brandts.  

Kids could create their favorite dish and photograph it in the style of the 17th century tradition for still life.

They cooked, prepared and photographed their favorite food.

Vittorio Osvaldo Tommasini (IT): WHITE AND BLACK: April 20.-21th in Brandts.

After a recipe by Farfa (Vittorio Osvaldo Tommasini) in the Futurist Cookbook (1930): ”“A one-man-show on the internal walls of the stomach consisting of free-form arabesques of whipped cream sprinkled with lime-tree charcoal. Contra the blackest indigestion. Pro the whitest teeth.” Kids and adults could paint their own psinting with whipped cream and organic coal dust.

 Eva Meyer-Keller (DE) og Sybille Müller (DE): SOUNDS LIKE CATASTROPHES: April 20-21st. 

Six kids in the age 10-12 create a number of catastrophes from everyday materials such as matches, sugar, salt, beans and paper.

then they play the catastophes like a music of eathquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes and melting ice bergs.

The performance is created from talks with the kids about catstrophes, climate and migrants. What thoughts do the kids have about their future?

The work is in our VR Arkiv.

Live Art for Børn in Brandts 2018 was supported by:

Statens Kunstfond, Smag for Livet, Canadian Arts Council, Goethe Instituttet, Nordeafonden og Odense Kommune.