Sofie Vollquarz Lebech (DK)

Sofie Vollquarz Lebech Sofie Lebech is a Danish director, performer and author of texts working solo and in collaborations. In 2006 she finished a MA in Comparative Literature and Modern Culture from The University of Copenhagen. Since 2003 she has made numerous research projects, cross medial performances, site specific interventions and installations. Some of the recurring themes in her work are the intersection between reality and fiction, autonomy, dreams of representation and the relationship between spectator and work. For our Samtalekøkken April 2013, she investigated the topic of (in)visibility:

Sian Robinson Davies (UK)

Sian Robinson Davies We’re going to start with some assumptions, because that’s where we always start. However, we will try to get further, even if all we end up with is lies and nonsense. Sian Robinson Davies : Expectations Samtalekøkken 7 Sian Robinson Davies graduated from Goldsmiths Fine Art in 2007 and now lives in Edinburgh after a few years in Berlin and London, where her interest in the relationship between words and objects was fueled. Sian Robinson Davies graduated from Goldsmiths Fine Art in 2007. For Samtalekøkkenet, November 2011, she presented “Expectations”. Here, she asked the audience about their expectations to “performance art” and attempted to fulfill them: Read Politikken critic […]

Showcase Beat Le Mot (DE)

Showcase Beat Le Mot Showcase Beat Le Mot performed “Vote Zombie Andy Beuyz” 18. and 19. APRIL 2009 Berliner Luft 4 The performance group Showcase Beat Le Mot formed from a hundred years of theater and art history a voodoo doll to which it pierces with turntable needles, high heels and pointed fingernails. Zombies stagger in jeans and check shirts by nocturnal shopping malls and shady cities. The undead are masses of battered rebels who dip their own cultural and economic roots in black madness. Vote Zombie Andy Beuyz is a new map of art, an area with depths, a road with potholes, a course with barricades of pictures and turnpikes from […]

She She Pop (DE)

She She Pop She She Pop “WARUM TANZT IHR NICHT?” 7. – 8. APRIL 2005 Berliner Luft 2 Kanonhallen The ballroom is a promise, a place of great anticipations and secret desires and – as desires so often do not suffice – a place of hidden plans, old and new strategies and their spectacular staging. She She Pop turns the theatre space into a dance floor and shows the ballroom with all its myths as a pitfall of pathetically exaggerated expectations. On the dance floor fantasy and reality diverge dramatically: Every dancer – prom queen, wallflower, gentleman or gate crasher – is caught in a role which has been carefully, artistically […]

Seimi Nørregaard (DK)

Seimi Nørregaard Seimi Nørregaard (1975) creates text, scenographies, exhibitions and performance installations as playful invitations to join another state of mind, a childish, sometimes scary landscape. Samtalekøkkenet december 2011 took place in her total-installation “SET UP” in the former Carlsberg Factory, Dansehallerne: Afterwards, it was live-reviewed by critics Matthias Hvass Borello, For Live Art for Børn 2014 she created the performance installation “Hulerum” Together with Boaz Barkan she will create MaxiGolf at SWOP Roskilde i collaboration with Aaben Dans May 3-6 2018

Sara Hamming (DK)

Sara Hamming Sara Hamming is a danish performance artist. For Samtalekøkkenet September 2012, she presented a buffet, Good Food. The buffet was carefully constructed to look already half-eaten. The work investigated the social phenomena of the buffet and the fine line between attraction and disgust. This intention, however, was not revealed until after the buffet had been consumed by a hungry audience: