Showcase Beat Le Mot

Showcase Beat Le Mot performed “Vote Zombie Andy Beuyz” 18. and 19. APRIL 2009 Berliner Luft 4

Photo: Malle Madsen

Photo: Malle Madsen

The performance group Showcase Beat Le Mot formed from a hundred years of theater and art history a voodoo doll to which it pierces with turntable needles, high heels and pointed fingernails. Zombies stagger in jeans and check shirts by nocturnal shopping malls and shady cities. The undead are masses of battered rebels who dip their own cultural and economic roots in black madness. Vote Zombie Andy Beuyz is a new map of art, an area with depths, a road with potholes, a course with barricades of pictures and turnpikes from light. The Morastgrube the art world led by so rise the revenants of the performance theater and dance the dried crust of the mainstream from the body. Haiti in the heart and Candomblé to the shoe soles. Voodoo you, sucker! The shaman Beuys and the dustman Warhol rise from their coffins and dance on your portfolio to the paper money is burning and the coins glühen.Diese artist’m a yew their environment and their own lives. They laughed a yew Germany and the EU. They digest the whole and bring the diamond sharp tools out, which she continues to cut through the surfaces. The shows are artificial and again artificially. And they are dirty in the best sense, plan fully delirious, with no time for self-loving naturalism, expressive up to the pain threshold, and thus more real than real.

For Live Art for Børn 2 they took up one of their first performance “OFFSIDE!

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