Showcase Beat Le Mot

Works for Live Art Danmark
2009 “Vote Zombie Andy Beuyz” at Berliner Luft 4
2015 “Offside” at Live Art for Børn 2

Vote Zombie Andy Beuyz
The four members of Showcase Beat Le Mot, 50ish boyband members of Gießen pedigree, performed “Vote Zombie Andy Beuyz” at our fourth Berliner Luft festival. Andy Warhol and Joseph Beuys, great white art men of the 20th century, were conjured up as checkered shirted zombies in a carefully outfitted haunted house, a space populated by wild and free associations on money, markets and the European Union, constructed from some debris salvaged from the ruins of Western theatre.

Photo: Malle Madsen

Photo: Malle Madsen

For Live Art for Børn 2 Showcase Beat le Mot revived their iconic early performance football game “Offside”. Teams of blindfolded kids were pitted against each other on a small football pitch, left to find orientation, their teammates and the goals by sound (the cheering of the audience) alone.

About the Artists
Showcase Beat le Mot consists of four former students of Applied Theater Studies in Gießen/Germany who have been working together as a performance boy group since 1997: Nikola Duric, Dariusz Kostyra, Thorsten Eibeler and Veit Sprenger (until 2004 also Florian Feigl). Since its inception, Showcase Beat Le Mot has worked in various artistic fields, in theater as well as music, TV, visual arts, literature, science and event organization. The group has produced shows and events at theaters and cultural venues across Europe.

Showcase Beat Le Mot also created music videos with the Hamburg based band KANTE, curated congresses, theater festivals and art events.

Hard to say if their website is still outdated or already retro. It is in German only.

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