Seimi Nørregaard

Works with Live Art Denmark
2011: Samtalekøkken in installation “SET UP” at Dansehallerne
2014: “Hulerum” at Live Art for Børn 2

In December 2011, our Samtalekøkken took place in Seimi’s total-installation “SET UP” at Dansehallerne, then located at the former Carlsberg brewery in Copenhagen. The audience was immersed in a landscape of fabric, tents and tables. The work served as a perfect backdrop for our event, and afterwards art critic Matthias Borello from reviewed the work as a new installment of our series of live reviews.

The following video takes you on a walk through the installation:

And this one presents Matthias’ take on it:

A home reflects  who you are and who you want to be. A place someone calls “theirs” is also a three-dimensional portrait of that person.Hulerum”, which roughly translates to “Cave Room” was an installation Seimi created in collaboration with children from two local kindergardens. It was also a study of how people express themselves through their spaces and homes. Visitors were invited to create their own caves, build on existing ones or just hang out and play in them. 

Maxi Golf
Together with Boaz Barkan and in collaboration with Live Art Denmark and Aaben Dans, Seimi created MaxiGolf for SWOP Roskilde. The large scale outdoor artwork took the well known family sport mini golf as its starting point. Score cards, balls and clubs were provided to visitors who struggled to find where to place their balls in some very unusual tracks, which, among others, resembled a live size campground, a huge living room cabinet, cobbled together from thrift shop furniture, or a forest.

The installation Maxi Golf was developed and built in collaboration with two 7th grade forms from local Østervangsskole. Materials were donated by GENBYG.

About the Artist
Seimi Nørregaard (1975) creates text, scenographies, exhibitions and performance installations as playful invitations to join another state of mind, in childish, sometimes scary landscapes.

Read more about her work on Seimi’s website.

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