Our second collection of 360 video documentation of performance and performing art contains 20 works. They have been recorded in 2018 in various locations in Denmark and Canada with artists from all over the world. All filmed with Insta 360 Pro. These recordings are stored on the internal hard disks of the VR goggles:

  1. Olof Olsson: Driving the Blues Away – recorded in Copenhagen
  2. Sew Flunk Fury Wit: Crash – recorded at Betty Nansen theatre.
  3. Klas Eriksson: Mc’Donalds Odense – recorded at Brandts Museum.
  4. Wunderwerk: Udsigter fra min bedstemors køkken – Copenhagen
  5. Mammalian Diving Reflex: Eat the Street – recorded at Brandts Museum.
  6. Nørrebro Teater: REVISOREN – recorded in Copenhagen
  7. Eva Meyer-Keller and Sibylle Meyer: Sounds Like Catastrophes – at Brandts.
  8. Louise Haugaard Jørgensen: Dead Things  – Kongernes Lapidarium, Copenhagen
  9. Live Art Denmark: 50 farlige ting – recorded at Gentofte Library.
  10. Maja Smrekar: Opus et domus – recorded at Click Festival, Elsinore.
  11. Seimi Nørregaard: Ven – recorded at Warehouse 9, Copenhagen.
  12. Søren Berner: Still Life – recorded at Brandts Museum, Odense.
  13. Public Society: Collective performance – recorded at Kultorvet, Copenhagen.
  14. Luo He-Lin & Chen I-Chun  (TW): L’Enfant 2.0. Click Festival, Elsinore.
  15. JAMS (UK): Marathon  – recorded at Forsøgsstationen, Copenhagen.
  16. Hannah Anbert: Slower and Cheaper – recorded at Overgaden, Copenhagen.
  17. Johannes Gérard (NL): Cocoon. Bare Oaks Nudist Camp, Canada
  18. Molly Johnson (CA) & Meredith Thompson (CA): B Side, recorded in Toronto.
  19. Eroca Nicols (CA): Truthteller – recorded in Toronto
  20. Bluemouth inc.(CA): Café Sarajevo. Toronto Media Arts Center.

Virtual Reality offers new dimensions for performance art documentation. VR can capture the room, the mood, the audience’s relationship with the work, and actions that take place in multiple locations. When you (re)experience the works with VR goggles, you can look in all directions and focus on what you find exciting. Just like a live performance, watching documentation can now be a unique experience, too.

Live Art Denmark was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, 2004 and is supported by the Danish Art Council. The organisation is exploring formats of interaction with new audiences and attempts at dissolving limitations of time, space, age and knowledge; through performance art, live art works, documentation, new technology, discussions and intergenerational formats.

The first 24 videos are availble in youtube. 

The first part of our collection is recorded in a lower quality and uploaded to our youtube channel. All these can be viewed on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs2dgPfebOKOjHDqgz7i_m_-OGcGjiyrl


  1. Erik Pold: Nar – recorded at Gl. Holtegaard
  2. Kristoffer Raasted og Ragnhild May: Portable Organs – recorded at  CC
  3. Various artist: Neo Neo DADA Summa Tuttifrutti – recorded in  Bern/Schweiz
  4. Charly Guianissio: Purification – recorded in Yaounde, Cameroun
  5. Goodieparl og venner – recorded at Kunsthal Nord, Aalborg.
  6. Georg Klein: EUBW – recorded in Horsens Pedestrian Street
  7. Karl Stampes projekt: Drum’n’ Booze – recorded at Gallery Andersen, Copenhagen.
  8. Forschungstheater: Børnebanken  – recorded at Horsens Kunstmuseum
  9. Kristoffer Akselbo: vangoal – recorded at Tranen, Gentofte.
  10. Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen: Den sejrende Ikaros – recorded at Overgaden
  11. Various artist: Performance in the Jungle  – recorded in Yaounde, Cameroun
  12. Odun Orimoloade: OYELA – recorded in Bern, Schweiz
  13. Sibylle Peters: KAPUTT: ACADEMY OF DESTRUCTION – Tate Modern
  14. Florian Feigl: JEG SKAL BAARE LIGE… recorded at S/H theatre.
  15. Various artist: Body Landscape Final – recorded at VerdensKulturCenteret
  16. Abdias Ngateu: The Republic King  – recorded in Yaounde/Cameroun
  17. Fall Kadher: CHEMIN-BATTU  – recorded in Yaounde/Cameroun
  18. Sonja Jokiniemi: Oh No – recorded at Madhouse/Helsinki
  19. Ellen Friis: Ida Brun – recorded at Thorvaldsens Museum, Copenhagen.
  20. Kassandra Production: Omnipresence -recorded in Copenhagen
  21. Ieke Trinks & Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen: Being Human Being – recorded in  Nikolaj Art Hall, Copenhagen.
  22. Christopher Etongo: No Name -recorded in Bern/Schweiz
  23. Alan Patrick Nsumbi Malenkov: No Name – recorded in Yaounde/Cameroun
  24. Jessie Kleemann: I tråd med tiden – Meter Exhibition Space, Copenhagen.