Adam James

Works with Live Art Danmark
2021 Artist in Residence, interactive performance “As a Group or Alone” at Friisland.
2023 Live Action Role Play for Performance Recepies.

As a group or alone
During the second live performance event at our project space Friisland, which doubled as our Christmas party, we presented our then artist in residence, Adam James (UK/SE) who worked with augmented reality and live action role play. He came to Copenhagen for a week with his family, mainly to work on a new short script for one of his Live Action Role Plays with students from a local school. The aim was to create a game which could be played from one to any number of players and eventually become part of a publication for artists and educators. At Friisland, the floor was crawling with grown ups, who turned into children, creating a map on the floor of the space with tape.

Performance Recipe
As part of his residency at Friisland, Adam contributed a recipe to our documentary collection of performance instructions that users can do themselves, even long after the artist has departed from Copenhagen. Adam’s recipe consists of detailed instructions for a Live Action Role play, also known as LARP, which invited users to create alternative realities for themselves, and interact with other players.

About the Artist
Adam James (b. 1978) is a British artist living and working in Sweden. James makes sculptural objects, environments and live and digital works which emanate his steadfast involvement in the use of live action role play (larp) as a tool to explore empathetic processes. Within his live works, James invites participants to assume roles and characters within a loose fiction with the goal of overcoming real or fictionalised oppositions. James uses larp as a tool to trigger, on a micro level, future possibilities, new forms of collaborative democracy and the temporary dismantling of hierarchies.

Find out more about Adam’s work on his website.

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