Kosmologym Work with Live Art Danmark 2019 “Probaball” at Live Art for Børn Probaball Kosmologym developed a series of performative games that allow participants to encounter political and ethical issues in original, practical and even fun ways. Probaball explores and practices the ways insurances function to minimise risks. Alluding to the increasing amount of extreme freak weather incidents caused by climate change they say that insurance “was born in flames but may be extinguished by floods”. Probaball examines the institution of insurance through a collective risk protection game. Paricipants build cities from wooden building blocks, insure them and then anxiously wait (not for very long) for disasters to strike. About […]

Kirsten Justesen

Kirsten Justesen Work with Live Art Danmark 2019/20 “Ice Hands”, performance score for “Playing Up” Ice Hands Some artists create marble and stone sculptures that last for thousands of years. Kirsten Justesen began early on to work with her own body as a form, and later with ice as a material. Her sculptures do not last forever, because the ice and the body, which are both shaped by nature’s processes, change and disappear with time. In our performance game Playing Up, we included two instructions that were inspired by Kirsten’s various works of body art that used ice as their central ingredient. Participants were asked to hold an ice cube […]