Thierry de Mey

Thierry de Mey Work for Live Art Danmark 2023 “Musique de Tables”, performed by Athelas Sinfonietta at Life Art for Children 2023. Musique de Tables In Thierry de Mey’s piece Musique de tables from 1985, as the name suggests, the table is used as a musical instrument. The work is written for three percussionists who, equipped only with three small wooden tables and their hands, perform a tightly choreographed rhythmic ritual that is breathtaking in its complexity. For the concert, the musicians’ hands are projected onto a large screen, enabling the audience to witness the extreme precision behind every hit, stroke, clap and knock on the three table tops. For […]

Blizzard Concept

Blizzard Concept

Blizzard Concept Works for Live Art Danmark 2022 “Neptunia” at Live Art for Børn, Aarhus Neptunia Kids were amazed to meet Neptunia, a circus plant that can actually dance. The French new circus and neo-magic group Blizzard Concept brought this completely unusual potted plant to Aarhus for us. She loooks like just another Schefflera Arboricola, but when on stage, she gently, but clearly visible to the naked eyes, sways to her very own rhythms. Even for the adventurous artists of Blizzard concept, it was a completely new and challenging experience to train a house plant. About Blizzard Concept In 2012, after graduating from Lido circus arts school, clown and juggler […]

Augusto Corrieri

Augusto Corrieri Works for Live Art Danmark 2022 “This is Not a Magic Show” and “You the Audience” at Live Art for Børn, Dokk 1, Aarhus. Augusto Corrieri came to the 2022 edition of our Live Art festival for children in Aarhus, and he brought not one, but 2 performances. Was it really Augusto who came? There was also a magician called Vincent Gambini, who looks very much like Augusto. This is not a Magic Show This was a magic show about magic. Vincent takes us on a magic journey, visiting the invisible mechanics, the clichés, and what magic tells us about theater and make believe. But the show was […]

David Thorlander

David Thorlander Work for Live Ar Danmark 2022 KuriositetR, 100 Videoworks for Live Art For Børn. KuriositetR Visitors to our Live Art festival for kids in Aarhus during the summer of 2022 would find monitors distributed all over DOKK1, an avantgarde building right by the harbor and the main venue of our festival. David had created 100 short magic non-verbal videos (one each day) which ran on the monitors in infinite loops. Each video featured a short action performed by David. They ranged from everyday activities (David drinking a glass of something was a recurring motive) to David handling classical magic props, like a deck of playing cards. Each video […]

Liz Toonkel

Liz Toonkel Work for Live Art Danmark 2022 Magic for Animals at Live Art for Børn, Aarhus Magic for Animals Performer Liz Toonkel came  all the way from the US to join our 2022 edition of Live Art for Børn in Aarhus. With Magic for Animals she brought a one woman magic show about how humans treat animals, and one another. She fascinated her youthful audiences with a skillful use of magic, which helped her to address serious issues like animal rights, women’s rights, and human rights in playful and fun ways. About the Artist Liz is a performance artist, magician and filmmaker, and passionate about work that strives for […]

Svend Sømod

Svend Sømod Work for Live Art Danmark 2022: “8 Hz: Brainwave Manipulation”, Live Art for Børn and VR installation at Friisland. 8 Hz: Brainwave Manipulation We invited by Danish visual artist Svend Sømod to participate in two of our projects in 2022. He presented two different version of his VR-work “8Hz: Brainwave Manipulation”, which uses the VR-technology to simulate the state of the brain during deep meditation. To achieve this, the viewers brain is manipulated into taking on a state similar to that of REM sleep by exposing the eyes to a series of flashes with the frequency of 8 Hz. First, we integrated Svend’s installation into the 2022 line […]

Tom Cassani

Tom Cassani

Tom Cassani Works for Live Art Danmark 2022 VR-Installations for Live Art for Børn VR Installations Tom participated in our festival of Live Art for children in 2022. Especially for the festival venue DOKK!, he created three site-specific, non-verbal VR recordings. The kids in the audience first had to find them all, the put on the VR equipment to get a taste of Tom’s personal performing style, which can best be described as a mix of magic, new circus, and performance art, used with the aim of creating astonishing images and situations. Many of his works are short-lived and some are particularly physically demanding, but in VR format we were […]

Florian Feigl (DE)

Florian Feigl Works with Live Art Danmark 2004 “Encyclopedia of Performance Art” at Hitparaden 1, with Wagner Feigl Festspiele 2011 “Prologue to 300” at Samtalekøkkenet 2011 “Rambo Revisionist” at Samtalekøkkenet, with Jörn Burmester Wium 2014 “Teotwawki” at Hitparaden 2, with Jörn Burmester Wium and Mark Boombastik 2017 “Jeg skal baare lige…” for Live Art for Børn S/H 2022 “Prologue to 300”, two times three performances for Friisland Live #5 and Åben Festival. Encyclopedia of Performance Art With their performance-lecture “The Encyclopaedia of Performance Art” Wagner-Feigl-Forschung (Florian Feigl and Otmar Wagner) sketch out a complete and all encompassing catalogue of the world. In this live-action-research they guide us through the fields […]