Sibylle Peters

Work with Live Art Danmark
2020 “Kaputt, the Academy of Destruction” Workshop at Copenhagen Contemporary

Sibylle has long been a friend a collaborator of Live Art Danmark. Works she has been instrumental in realising like Forschungstheater’s “Barnebanken” and “50 Farlige Ting” have inspired our understanding of art as research with children. Find a more detailed account of our collaborations on our page on Forschungstheater.

Based on a production by Fundus Theater in Hamburg, we invited children and their grown ups to explore destruction in different ways. What if we look at breaking stuff not as usual, not as destruction and violence, but as a cultural strategy that can even create its own beauty. Throughout art history, artists have been fascinated with breaking things, and so have we. Inspired by artists like Gustav Metzger, Katharina Duve, Dieter Roth, Eva Meyer-Keller, Jeremy Deller and Steven Cripps, we built our own parcours of destruction, where participants could record the sounds of breaking guitars or add life to an old painting by jumping through its frame.

“Kaputt” became the basis for our own production “Kaboom“.

About the Artist
Dr Sibylle Peters is a researcher, performance artist, studied literature, cultural studies and philosophy who has worked at the universities of Hamburg, Munich, Berlin (FU), Bale, Wales and Gießen. As a freelancing performance artist she realized lecture performances and performance projects focussing on participation and collective research (often in cooperation with geheimagentur performance collective). Peters is founder and director of the Forschungstheater/Theatre of Research situated at the FUNDUS THEATER Hamburg, a theatre, where children, artists and scientists meet.

Sibylle does not have her own website, but here is that of Fundus Theater.

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