Now and Again: Performance for video

at Fotografisk Center in Copenhagen:

January-December 2014

Christian Falsnaes, Joachim Hamou, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt, Ellen Friis, Stine Marie Jacobsen, Erik Pold and Olof Olsson.

There is a great interest in the live presence in front of an audience, but afterwards, the artwork exists in people’s minds only – and perhaps in a video recording of a dubious quality. wishes to challenge this way of thinking about performance art. Is it possible to create performance art with a lasting influence? Can performance art be translated to another media? 8 Danish performers and artists were asked to create performance-for-video. The works were presented one by one in 2014 at Fotografisk Center in Copenhagen.

Christian Falsnaes: “Now and Then”


The main issue in “now and again” is the transformation of the unique live moment to a permanent state. The video is supposed to be watched with headphones on. So the viewer is alone with Christian. Christian Falsnaes uniquely transforms the live moment to something else. He manage to make the viewer perform and in second degress the potentiel wacher of the viewer. At the end of the video he ask the viewer to look around in the room and find other persons who might be watching from distance. He then ask the viewer to say out loud. This is a performance. Come closer. Watch from the start.

Joachim Hamou: “Frame by Frame”


Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen: “Skin Stripping”


Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt: “Zoo”


Ellen Friis: “Stilleben”

ellen 088

Erik Pold: “9 TO 5 IN 7,5”


Stine Marie Jacobsen: “der den die die”

Stine Marie Jacobsen_der den die die_ 2014

Olof Olsson: “1864/1946”