A Performance Lecture and a Virtual Reality experience.

Thorvaldsen Museum in Copenhagen, every Saturday and Sunday at 14, 13 May-11th of June 2017

”In the fight to achieve political freedom, one must not agitate a population by appealing to its irrational passions and obsessions; rather, one must create within individuals a philosophical, or as Schiller puts it, an aesthetical state of mind. And the task of political organizing is to replicate such a state of mind in others. ”

However, this idea came crashing down, when the world war broke out a hundred years later. It was even more bloody and chaotic than the french revolution, that had prompted Friedrich Schiller to write his texts.

Dada was mocking the ideal of art. It had not worked its beauty. The free citizens were as primitive as ever.  So art might as well be senseless, meaningless and ugly too. It need not have any other reason for existing than itself.

”The attitudes of Ida Brun” is investigating the art of the attitude. Ida Brun was formed by her mother to be the model citizen. She in turn was an artist, a female performance artist.  She produced attitudes, perfect and empty shells to form the audiences minds and souls.

The attitudes of Ida Brun is about having the right attitude, about cake forms, democracy and states, performance art and dada.