Christian Schmidt Rasmussen (DK)

Christian Schmidt Rasmussen Works for Live Art Danmark 2014 Facepainting for Adults, Overgaden, Copenhagen 2016 Workshop “Afskedsfest for rumskibet, der skal flyve til universets ende”, Live Art for Børn, Nordkraft, Aalborg Workshop “Afskedsfest for rumskibet, der skal flyve til universets ende” The premise for this workshop was the idea that a giant space ship has been built in Aalborg. It’s take off for the end of the universe is imminent. The objective of the workshop was to prepare the celebration of its departure. In collaboration with the artist, the participating children wrote about the party, preparations for the upcoming space journey, the interior of the spaceship, and what Aalborg will […]

Örn Alexander Ámundason (IS)

Örn Alexander Ámundason Works for Live Art Denmark 2012 “Chews” at Samtalekøkken 2014 “Speculations on the Impact of Kurt Cobain” at Samtalekøkken 2015 “Smear” at Live art for Kids 2 2017 “Smear” at Live Art for Børn S/H 2021 “Chews” recreation for the Nordic edition of Playing Up. Chews Örn Alexander performed “Chews” at Samtalekøkken in December 2012. In a witty if slightly disgusting comment on processes of art production, he produced sculptural portraits of our audience by throroughly chewing cookies. For the first time in his performance work, he invited members of the audience to join him, and eight people accepted. Equipped with packets of biscuits, latex gloves and […]

Ulla Hvejsel (DK)

Ulla Hvejsel Works for Live Art Denmark 2011 “A Speech to the Silent Majority” at Samtalekøkken 2014 “Talking Out of My Ass” at Live Art for Børn 1 2016 “Talking Out of My Ass” at Live Art for Børn 3 A Speech to the Silent Majority Ulla presented her performance lecture “A Speech to the Silent Majority” at Samtalekøkken. Following the example of a mythological Danish queen named Kraka, she attempted to “speak without actually saying anything at all”. She then speaks quite a lot as she launches into a smart and humorous tour of examples for silences in art and history, including a full length participative rendition of 4’33, […]

Søren Berner (CH/DK)

Søren Berner Works for Live Art Danmark 2012:”Barbie” for Samtalekøkken 2014 Two interactive performances for Live Art for Børn 1 2014 “Freenactment” at Samtalekøkken at Madhouse Helsinki 2018 “Still Live” at Live Art for Børn 5 Barbie In this intense performance for Samtalekøkken in October 2012, Søren had a group of football players lead the audience in a warm up session, held an interactive photo session, let audience members paint his portait with fire extinguishers, auctioned of the finished work and finally even led the discussion about the meaning of the performance himself. Pop Up Besøg For the Live Art for Børn festival in 2014, Søren worked with a large […]

Seimi Nørregaard (DK)

Seimi Nørregaard Works with Live Art Danmark 2011  “SET UP”, installation for Samtalekøkken at Dansehallerne 2014 “Hulerum” at Live Art for Børn 2 2018 “Maxi Golf” at SWOP festival Roskilde, with Boaz Barkan 2020 “Arbeit, Arbeit” at “Live Art für Kinder” at Kampnagel Hamburg/Germany. SET UP In December 2011, our performance networking event Samtalekøkken took place in Seimi’s total-installation “SET UP” at Dansehallerne, then located at the former Carlsberg brewery in Copenhagen. The audience was immersed in a landscape of fabric, tents and tables. The installation served as a perfect backdrop for our event, and we asked art critic Matthias Borello from to review it in a new installment […]

Peter Holmgaard (DK)

Peter Holmgård Works for Live Art Danmark 2006 Performance on the Stubnitz 2014 “Den Psykoseje Skattejagd” at Live Art for Børn 1 2014 “Spektaklet i Studiestræde” at Hitparaden 2 Performance In 2006, Live Art Danmark organised a performance art club with music and live art on board the motorship Stubnitz, then moored in Copenhagen. The program was called “Looking for Johnny”, and Peter participated in it with a live performance. Den Psykoseje Skattejagd During our first Live Art for Kids festival, Peter took a group of children and their grown ups on a treasure hunt through the small back rooms and scary dark corridors of Nikolaj Konsthal. Hidden along the […]

Molly Haslund (DK)

Molly Haslund Works for Live Art Danmark 2010 Presentation of Lone Twin Theatre at Samtalekøkken, with Gary Winters 2011 “I went into a bar” at Samtalekøkken 2015 “Spoon Ball” at Live Art for Kids 2 Lone Twin For Samtalekøkken in November 2010, Molly Haslund performed with Gary Winters from the Lone Twin performance and theatre group. While Gary gave a performance lecture about the beginnings and work of Lone Twin, Molly provided soundtracks to some video examples on her Ukulele. She also was a member of Lone Twin Theatre, and in the second part of the presentation, she and Gary gave an example of what their first piece looked like […]

Mark Harvey (NZ)

Mark Harvey Works with Live Art Danmark 2012 “Home Renovation” at Salon Saloon 2014 “Welcome Stop” and “Forward and Back” at Hitparaden 2 2016 “Entrance Party” and “Pssst” (with Leena Kela) at Live Art for Børn Home Renovation Salon Saloon was a series of performance events we organised at our home in the Vestrerbro district of Copenhagen. Mark’s first performance for Live Art Denmark was a site specific series of endurance based performative actions, marking a path through our apartment, all in close proximity to the audience. His entrance was especially memorable, when, lying on his stomach, he used a pair of toilet plungers to pull himself through the different […]

Line Skywalker Karlström (S)

Line Skywalker Karlström Works for Live Art Danmark 2011 “(leaving) Nest” at Samtalekøkken 2014 “Kroppen der stak af” at Live art for Børn 1 2015 “Finding the Lesbian Leak at the Louvre” at Kulstof 15 (leaving) Nest This performance by Line Skywalkerm, presented at Samtalekøkkenet in December 2011, was a new durational work, created for the occasion and running for three hours. We participate in a poetic, physical, semi-improvised ritual that moves  between different installations, groups of materials and nests, in the large open space of Carlsberg Hall. The work is based on the size and character of the room, animals, nature, and materials. (Leaving) Nest is performed as a […]

Leena Kela (FIN)

Leena Kela Works with Live Art Danmark 2012 “Performance Performance” at Samtalekøkken 2016 “Performance Alphabet” and “Pssst” (with Mark Harvey) at Live Art for Børn 3 Performance Performance In November 2012, Leena brought “Performance Performance”, a how-to self-help performance on inventing and creating a performance from scratch in 30 minutes, to Samtalekøkken. Performance Alphabet In her “Performance Alphabet”, shown at Live Art for Børn 2016, Leena presents a large collection of materials and objects typical for performance art, organised and presented in the sequence of the letters of the alphabet from A to Z. Each object and material is used in a short performance action. Many of the materials are […]