Jenna Finch

Works with Live Art Denmark
2014 Jenna appeared in several performances during Hitparaden 2

Together with Simon Raven, she performed “Blackguards”. The term derives from a derisive term for the lowest of the low servants in a royal household, the ones who had to carry coal to the kitchens. The term was later used as an insult. With social and economic inequality currently reaching new, extraordinary proportions, Jenna Finch and Simon Raven re-visited the images of the Blackguard by ineffectually guarding lowly objects at the festival entrance.

Videostill: Christopher Hewitt

Videostill: Christopher Hewitt

The Feral Lady Killers
Jenna joined Katherine Araniello to perform “The Feral Lady Killers”. While loud music was blasting from the speakers of the festival venue Pumpehuset, Jenna and Katherine attempted to have a conversation that circulated mostly around their profound dissatisfaction with everything going on.

Jenna also played a concert with her band, the “Rainham Sheds”, a Post-punk, all female maximum art-core on a primitive trip. They sing about theorists, art stars, shit jobs, mega-banter, sex with furniture and reminding themselves that he’s not her dad. She also was a member of the backing band for the ”Disabled Avant Garde”.

About the Artist
Jenna Finch is a performance artist and poet. She writes and performs her poetry focusing on unconventional and alternative performance.

The address of Jenna’s website re-directs to this very basic one. An artist statement is on this page from the Royal Collge of Art. The Rainham Sheds can be heard on bandcamp.

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