Jack Catling

Works for Live Art Denmark
2014 “Remnant” and “Disabled Avant Garde” at Hitparaden 2.

Jack Catling begins his performance at Hitparaden 2 standing on a small, messy stage at Pumpehuset, wearing a black suit and dangling an apple on a string from a small stick he is holding. The performer in a rumpled black suit, staring intensely at the apple, might be a frozen image from a slightly scary forgotten children’s game. He just stands, eying the apple, sometimes tugging at the collar of his white shirt, just long enough for the situation to feel a little uncomfortable. Suddenly he begins to simultaneously belt out Frank Sinatra’s classic “Fly Me to the Moon” and pulling apples from his pockets and stuffing them into his mouth. So it continues, moon apple dangling, pieces of half chewed apple flying about, apple juice dripping down chin, while words and melody of the half muffled song are repeated over and over again. A five minute piece that encompasses the whole human tragedy made up of dreams, struggle, suffering and humour.

Disabled Avant Garde
At Hitparaden 2 Jack also performed as a member of the backing band for the fabulous “Disabled Avant-Garde“.

About the Artist
Jack Catling is an artist working mainly through the mediums of performance and installation. Through his practice, he aims to bring about an atmospheric shift in ontological value, opening up a space for wonders to occur. Catling draws from his background in illusion, his interest in the value and perpetuity of symbols and a shady past built from various fictions. Jack Catling is also a founding member of the performance group The Parlour Collective.

More info can be found on Jack’s website.

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