Kate Mahony

Works with Live Art Danmark
2014 “Foley” and several musical performances at Hitparaden 2

Sampling traces its roots back to the technical experiments and manipulations of musicians and artists in the 1940s, finding its popular realisations in hip hop, electronic dance and industrial music of the 70s and 80s. In this hilarious performance, Kate presents a very low tech version of sampling. Entering the stage with a large plastic bag full of everyday objects that she brings out one at a time, she first crudely imitates the sound the objects make with her voice, than demonstrates the original sound by using (or, in some cases, abusing) the objects.

At Hitparaden 2, Kate also played a concert with her band, the “Rainham Sheds” with Jenna Finch  and Rachel Dowle, a post-punk, all female maximum art-core on a primitive tip. They sing about theorists, art stars, shit jobs, mega-banter, sex with furniture and reminding themselves that he’s not her dad.

She also was a member of the backing band for “Disabled Avantgarde“.

About the Artist
Kate Mahony is an artist and filmmaker whose practice seeks to question and subvert established frameworks. Her artworks, films and performances often focus on process-driven explorations of societally performed behaviours. Particularly, Mahony is concerned to enable herself and others to work out ideas in front of people and to create new platforms for discussion and exchange.

Mahony studied Art Practice at Goldsmiths College and completed her MFA at The Ruskin School of Art. Her work has been included in over 20 group shows nationally and internationally including institutions such as UCIA, Grand Rapids; Nottingham Contemporary; The Bluecoat Gallery; The Freud Museum; and the ICA. Her first solo show, “Storage”, was exhibited at Ladette Space, Peckham in 2014.

More info is found on her website.

Om liveart_dk

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