Søren Berner (CH/DK)

Søren Berner Works for Live Art Danmark 2012:”Barbie” for Samtalekøkken 2014 Two interactive performances for Live Art for Børn 1 2014 “Freenactment” at Samtalekøkken at Madhouse Helsinki 2018 “Still Live” at Live Art for Børn 5 Barbie In this intense performance for Samtalekøkken in October 2012, Søren had a group of football players lead the audience in a warm up session, held an interactive photo session, let audience members paint his portait with fire extinguishers, auctioned of the finished work and finally even led the discussion about the meaning of the performance himself. Pop Up Besøg For the Live Art for Børn festival in 2014, Søren worked with a large […]

Chuck Morris (CH/DK)

Chuck Morris Works for Live Art Danmark 2011 “Souvereines” (excerpt) at Samtalekøkken. Souvereines Announced as a “royal-blue revelation for the masses”, the duo Chuck Morris transforms itself into the Coming Queen in this choreographical performance. We witness two performers spinning slowly through the darkened space of Warehouse 9, bound together by the the bare bones of the queen’s royal habit. We follow them while they retell, or maybe make real by pronouncing them, the steps to queendom and sovereignty while they gradually complete the royal gown. Their voices merge into one, drift into chanting, acquire a dreamlike quality at times. In the final scene, the new queen, bathed in red […]

Andreas Liebmann (CH)

Andreas Liebmann Work for Live Art Danmark 2012 “We – a Solo” at Samtalekøkkenet. We – a Solo Andreas participated in Samtalekøkken in February 2012. He presented his performance lecture “We – a Solo” as a work in progress. The piece investigates the relationship between society and the individual, audience and solo performer, and features Andreas in shorts, playing the cello and text projections. About the Artist Andreas Liebmann studied at the Acting Academy in Zurich from 1993 to 1997. He has been teaching at the Universities of the arts Zurich, Berlin and Leipzig. Since 2015 he is teaching at The Danish National School of Performing Arts in the areas […]