Chuck Morris

Works for Live Art Danmark
2011 “Souvereines” (excerpt) at Samtalekøkken.

Announced as a “royal-blue revelation for the masses”, the duo Chuck Morris transforms itself into the Coming Queen in this choreographical performance. We witness two performers spinning slowly through the darkened space of Warehouse 9, bound together by the the bare bones of the queen’s royal habit. We follow them while they retell, or maybe make real by pronouncing them, the steps to queendom and sovereignty while they gradually complete the royal gown. Their voices merge into one, drift into chanting, acquire a dreamlike quality at times. In the final scene, the new queen, bathed in red light, dances to the sparse sounds of a metallophone or, maybe, a music box. We wonder if she herself has become a toy of the power she wields, or are we hers?

About the Artists
Chuck Morris is a production unit based upon the duo as an aesthetic practice. It is characterised by haptics of antagonism, encounter and the unknown. With each work, the twin like figure learns something new – often going for unexpected yet helpful tools, such as learning how to be funny (Feminine Fun Studies 2013). CM likes form and composition, with its style being shaped by material-driven processes. Chuck works in the theater mostly, and loves and hates it with its codes, connotations, overdeterminations.

The duo found itself 2008 between Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt and Lucie Tuma, who had met at the Institute of Applied Theatre Science at Gießen University. The double body is both a long-term relationship within the time frame of the next 40 years and a structure attempting the dissolvement of individual artistic identity.

More info on Chuck’s website.

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