Kristoffer Raasted

Works for Live Art Danmark
2013 “Opadstræbende Linjer” at Alt_CPH
2013 “Elektriske Guitarer” at Samtalekøkken with Claus Haxholm

Opadstræbende Linjer
The video below shows Kristoffer’s performance “Opadstræbende Linjer” from the program we curated for Alt_Cph 2013. The title translates roughly to “Ascending Lines”. With this performance, the artist attempred to share a spiritual experience he had experienced not long before. He described it as a knowledge that cannot be related to any specific religion or confession. He also points out the importance of keeping to ask oneself the big, metaphysical questions. Even in the year 2013. What we actually see is intense performance work with a small array of everyday materials. First he sits in a field of gras, where he hammers on some material and colors a white canvas. He changes location, moves to a junk strewn courtyard where he drums on empty paint canisters and a small cymbal. All these actions are executed in a slow, almost sleep walking quality.

Elektriske Guitarer
In October 2013, he performed the soundpiece “Elektriske Guitarer” at Samtalekøkken together with Claus Haxholm. The two artists swing the namesake electric guitars by their necks, producing a subtle buzzing sound. Later they beat the guitars with sticks, causingf a louder, more rhythmic, but still meditative sound.

Photo: Ellen Friis

Photo: Ellen Friis

About the Artist
Kristoffer Raasted (b. 1988) lives and works in Copenhagen. He studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ media art school with Professor Angela Melitopoulos. In 2016, he interned at the ISSUE Sound Art Project Room in New York, curating a sound art night at the experimental venue Trans Pecos. HGe spent the spring of 2017 at the Ecole Nationale Superièure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, studying at Professor Anne Rochette’s studio for sculpture, performance and sound. In May of that year, he took courses in audio editing and took a trip to Japan to perform in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. Kristoffer Raasted has exhibited in numerous venues in Copenhagen, including Galleri Asbæk, Glyptoteket, NLH-Space and at the Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition. He  showed his work in New York, Paris, Lisbon, Hamburg, Munich and Tokyo.

More about Kristoffer’s recent work can be found on his website.

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