Aaron Williamson

Works with Live Art Danmark
2013: “Activating the Wasteland” for Alt_CPH 13 performance program
2014: “Institutional Classics” and “Demonstrating the World” at Hitparaden 2

Activating the Wasteland
Aaron Williamson collaborated with Live Art Danmark for the first time as part of the performance program for Alt_CPH 13. He showed a site specific, durational piece, “Activating the Wasteland”, that explored an abandoned site on the outskirts of Copenhagen, as a frontier of the city, soon to disappear as it was to be developed with a high rise apartment block.

Institutional Classics
At Hitparaden 2 he performed “Institutional Classics” with his band Disabled Avant-Garde, that he founded and fronted together with Katherine Araniello. Aaron performed children’s tunes, to find out, as he said, if he could remember and recreate melodies he learned as a child, before he turned deaf.

Demonstrating the World
At Hitparaden 2, he also presented the solo performance “Demonstrating the World”. It takes a humorous approach to the phenomenon of ‘demo videos’ in which amateur filmmakers demonstrate (or perform) aspects of everyday life. In Aaron’s opinion, there are so many of these videos now, that their sheer quantity raises the question: Why and for whom is the world being demonstrated so avidly? For an impending alien invasion? The idea of this ten minute performance was to demonstrate a number of everyday skills to a live audience instead of a Youtube camera.

About the Artist
Aaron Williamson is an artist whose engagement with performance, objects, place and space is entirely transformed through the experience of becoming profoundly deaf over the course twenty years. Informed by this radical personal alteration, his art practice takes an interdisciplinary approach. Hence, his artistic projects remain open to innovation according to circumstance and he has explored working with performance, installation, photography, video, sculpture, text, choreography and digital art – often combining elements within one work. In the last ten years he has created performances, publications, installations and artist’s videos in Britain, Europe, Japan, Greenland, China and North America.

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