Georg Klein (DE)

Georg Klein Work for Live Art Denmark 20017 “European Border Watch” at Horsens Happening European Border Watch As part of our Horsens Happening, Georg transformed a shop in Hospitalsgade into the office of a fictional organization called the European Border Watch. Citizens were invited to observe segments of the European exterior borders via webcam to help curb illegal imigaration. The system was inspired by an online citizen’s watch of a part of the US-Mexican border in Texas that actually exists. To help the project maintain the impression of an official organization, it had an almost official looking website that can still be visited here. Documentation of press reactions to European […]

Hue/Boy (DE)

Hue/Boy  Work for Live Art Denmark2017 Live Action Role Plays and various games for Horsens Happening The GamesHue/Boy developed a series of site specific games, one of them a Live Action Role Play (LARP) for the former Prison (Danish Fængslet) of Horsens as part of our festival Horsens Happening. In “Get Out of Jail, Free?”, curious kids and grown-ups where invited to take the roles of prisoners in the former prison building, thus returned to its historical function. In a performance without peformers, the prisoners had to sneak past attentive prison guards through different rooms of the prison and steal a key to make their way back to freedom. This […]