Georg Klein

Work for Live Art Denmark
20017 “European Border Watch” at Horsens Happening

European Border Watch
As part of our Horsens Happening, Georg transformed a shop in Hospitalsgade into the office of a fictional organization called the European Border Watch. Citizens were invited to observe segments of the European exterior borders via webcam to help curb illegal imigaration. The system was inspired by an online citizen’s watch of a part of the US-Mexican border in Texas that actually exists. To help the project maintain the impression of an official organization, it had an almost official looking website that can still be visited here.

Documentation of press reactions to European Border Watch
“Kunstnergruppe bruger falske nyheder”, a radio report from DR P1.
“Horsens Happening”, an article from the newspaper Horsens Folkeblad (in Danish).And here is a sound recording of the citizens meeting from the last day of the project:


About the Artist
Georg Klein is a sound, video and media artist and composer. Based in Berlin, he has also lived in Rome, Los Angeles and Istanbul. With a background in composition, Georg developed a multi-faceted artistic practice, in which he works with sound, video, text, and photography. In his installations and interventions – in particular those in public spaces – he intensifies the visual, acoustic, situational and political aspects into an area of tension, in which visitors become involved, either on an interactive or participatory basis. The point of departure of his work is the investigation of sites and situations. He focuses on their inherent contradictions, which he transforms aesthetically so as to become a topic of discussion and deliberation.

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