Andzej Wirth

Works with Live Art Danmark
2005 “Las Venice” at Berliner Luft 1

Las Venice
In their “Essayistic Video Performance” Las Venice, renowned cultural critic Andrzej Wirth and videomaker and performance artist Thomas Martius embark on a philosophical investigation of the “original” city of Venice and its replica, the casino-hotel “Venetian” in Las Vegas. For their  performance at Hitparaden 1, Andrzej and Thomas performed a live conversation in the light of a multi channel projection of the video essay that added an entertaining and enlightening extra layer to the complex structure of the video work.

Videostill: Svend Thomsen

Videostill: Svend Thomsen

About the Artist
Andrzej Tadeusz Wirth (born April 10, 1927 in Włodawa/Poland, died 10. März, 2019 in Berlin/Germany) was a Polish-German theater scientist, theater critic and university teacher. In 1982 he founded the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies at the university of Giessen/Germany. The course links theories of the theatre and far beyond, the humanities, creative reflection and performative action in a unique way of training a new performance avantgarde. Graduates of the program have significantly influenced the development of post-dramatic theater and continue to do so.

The complete video essays “Las Venice” and “Wilson’s Island” by Thomas Martius and Andrzej Wirth along with plenty of supporting material can be found on this webpage. Biographical information about Andrzej Wirth is on his German Wikipedia page.

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