Andrés Galeano

Work for Live Art Danmark
2012 “Watching the Sun”, Samtalekøkken at Hofteatret.

Watching the Sun
For his performance, Andrés used the setting of the historical court theatre at Christiansborg castle in the centre of Copenhagen for a meditation about the sun and, in extention, about light. The performance begins with a series of slides, projected on the ceiling of the theatre, alternating between artworks and landscapes. In the completely dark theatre, he plays with the visibility of his own body using a series of different lamps and viewing devices. Finally, after the lights come back up, he unrolls the poster of a sunny beach and completes the image by performing with a hula hoop loop and a pair of fans to Hawaiian music.

About the Artist
Andrés was born in Mataró (Spain) in 1980. He lives in Berlin and Barcelona. He holds degrees in philosophy from the Universtiy of Barcelona, in photography from the Freie Fotoschule Stuttgart and in sculpture/free art from the Kunsthochschule Weißensee in Berlin. Working predominantly with photography, video, installation and performance, he realized exhibitions and performances throughout Europe, Latin America, the USA and Canada. His pieces are composed from conscious interactions between space, audience, objects, actions, time and his body. He freely mixes art languages, using the power of the instant and the presence to create actions and situations that raise philosophical questions and give room to poetical experiences.

Read more about Andres’ works on his website.

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