Wen Lee (SK)

Wen Lee Works for Live Art Denmark 2015 Solo performance “Freedom, Service and Hope” and group performance with Black Market International at Kulstof 15, Aalborg Freedom, Service and Hope In his spoken word performance, Singaporian performance legend Wen Lee gives a touching account of some events from his rich and long career. He begins what would become one of his last performances in Europe, sitting alone in a chair in an empty space . With his cane in hand, dressed in dark colors except for a bright red scarf that hangs haphazardly from his narrow shoulders, a sleep mask half covering his eyes, he simply speaks to the audience in a […]

Black Market International

Black Market International Work with Live Art Danmark 2015 Group performance at Kulstof 15, Nordkraft, Aalborg Group Performance For a long durational performance, the artists who collectively perform under the legendary moniker of Black Market International took over the vast hall of the culture centre Nordkraft in the Danish city of Aalborg, a former coal fired power plant. Starting with a selection from their huge archive of helpful objects and action-images, amassed in more than 30 yeas of common practice, they quietly set out to act and interact, shape the atmosphere and temperature of the space for the given time of six hours. As always with Black Market, there was […]