Torben Sangild

Works wirth Live Art Denmark
2010 Live review at Samtalekøkken
2014 Discussion of his review of “Live art for børn 1”
2016 Collaboration partner for COLAB Copenhagen

Live Review of “Undgåelsens Bevægelighed”
Undgåelsens Bevægelighed was an installation in public space by the Danish performance duo CoreAct. In Copenhagen it was shown next to the Black Diamond, the extension of the Royal Library. In October 2010, Torben Sangild got up on stage and delivered the first one of a series of live reviews that became an central part of our performance art series Samtalekøkken. His performative review can be seen in the video below.

Discussion of Torben’s Review of “Live art for børn 1”
Torben reviewed some performances from our first  children’s festival,  Live Art for Børn 1, for the reknowned Danish daily Politikken. His article (in Danish) can be found here. In his piece Torben claims that the performer Marcio Carvalho crossed his and his daughter’s boundaries with his work, a performance about war. The review, albeit more than critical, spawned a lot of productive discussion. We talked to Torben on a Radioshow on 24syv and at other occassions and finally invited him back to explain his views.

Photo: Peter Lind

Photo: Peter Lind

COLAB Copenhagen
In this new format for performance and discussion that paired African artists with members of Danish institutions, to discuss who has agency about historical narrations about colonized territories, Torben was one of the Danish collaborators.

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