Live Art for Kids

Live Art for Kids 1, February 2014 in Nikolaj Art Hall, Copenhagen. Live Art for kids means, that children now finally can also experience modern art directly from the hands of artists. Until now, there were children’s books, children’s theatre and children’s music, but no children’s art. Contemporary art in museums is normally mediated through well-meaning adults. But live art is presented by artists themselves, mostly engaging the children directly in projects and investigations.

The projects selected allow the kids to take part in ambitious investigations of reality – by creating their own money, reclaiming the streets, or enjoying Goethe and Virginia Woolf as performance theatre. An art audience of children is just as attentive and intelligent as adults. The main difference is, being kids, they are still in a process of “learning the rules “.

Children are born explorers, questioning and investigating everything from the laws of nature to moral codes. Several artists in our  festivals seem to identify themselves with this, and create works, where children can challenge and even change real structures and relationships under the pretext of the game, and with tools borrowed from the game. See the program for Live Art for Kids 2014 here: