DJ Hvad (DK)

DJ Hvad Works for Live Art Denmark 2015 Kulstof 15 at Platform 4 DJ Hvad played a furious set at Kulstof 15, our performance art festival at Teater Nordkraft in Aalborg. About the Artist DJ Hvad is an alias used by the Danish musician Hari Shankar Kishore AKA Kid Kishore/Albertslund Terror Korps. Hvad translates into English “what”, a word DJ Hvad often speaks and uses in his music. He is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Apart from been the owner of the notorious Danish label Syg Nok records, he also been involved in variety of other projects, such as the Kommunal Dubplate service in Nørrebro/Copenhagen which cuts masters and limited dubplate releases […]

Wen Lee (SK)

Wen Lee Lee Wen is a Singaporean performance artist on social identity themes, and best known for his Yellow Man performances. Painting his own body with bright yellow poster paint, he expresses an exaggerated symbol of his ethnic identity as a citizen of Singapore. He is also a member of The Artists Village (TAV), and part of the Black Market performance collective. Lee Wen studied in the now defunct Kim Keat Primary School and Raffles Institution. After finishing his A levels, he worked as a logistics officer, a computer operator and a bank officer. In 1988 Lee Wen left behind his banking career to enrol at the Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts at […]

Marco Teubner (DE)

Marco Teubner Works for Live Art Denmark 2015 “Fly” and group performance with Black Market International at Kulstof 15 Fly Marco begins his performance, lying on his back on a table, moving slowly from side to side, a first image of flying. We might believe that the infernal creaking noises we hear emanate from the table, but they continue as Marco moves to the ground, places a bag of sugar with a small hole in it on the edge of the the table, and we see the sugar running out, like the sand in an hour glass. Marco dons a pair of fragile wings on his back, transforming  into a […]

Elvira Santamaria (MX)

Elvira Santamaria Works for Live Art Denmark2015: “Shadow Self Portrait” and Black Market group performance at Kulstof 15. Shadow self-portraitElvira appears dressed all in black in front of a shining white screen, and the interplay of light and darkness is one theme of this brief performance. Elvira lights all the matches form the box one after the other. The light goes out. In the darkness, she burns pieces of paper and uses their soot to blacken one side of a glass pane. Holding the piece of glass in front of her face, she produces a rough portrait of herself by drawing with her fingers in the soot. As a member […]

Jacques van Poppel (NL)

Jacques van Poppel Works with Live Art Denmark 2015: Duo performance “JVP & HVP” with Henrik Vestergaard, group performance with Black Market International at Kulstof 15 JVP & HVP The collaborative performance “JVP & HVP” brought together performance art heavyweights Jaques van Poppel and Henrik Vestergaard, Live Art Denmark organizer. Starting with a conversation through Google translate and the misunderstandings it produced, the performers let themselves be lead through a series of absurd situations. Black Market International Jaques also performed with the legendary performance association Black Market International. A movie about the festival with long excerpts from this exceptional group performance and statements from the performers can be seen here. About […]

Boris Nieslony (DE)

Boris Nieslony Work for Live Art Denmark 2015 “Nature Study” at Kulstof 15, Aalborg Nature Study Boris began his performance observing a row of seven fairly large stones that previously had been installed in a line across a narrow street. He preoceeded to move the stones along the street one by one in different ways. Some were held close to his body, in the crook of his arm, others  balanced on his head or on the back of the neck and upper back. Occasionally the sharp sound of a rock crashing on pavement segmented the slow, meditative action. Temporary sculptures occurred: Boris placing a stone on the ground, laying his […]

Jürgen Fritz (DE)

Jürgen Fritz Work for Live Art Denmark 2015 “Breath, Rhythm, Guitar Tuner” and group performance with Black Market International at Kulstof 15 Breath, Rhythm, Guitar Tuner A simple set up leads to speactacular results in this performance. Jürgen, dressed in black suit and white shirt, holds a guitar tuning device in his mouth. Breathing in and out respectively produces three of the tones the six strings of a guitar are tuned to. Jürgen breathes in and out through the device, changing rhythms and intensity, creating a highly personal music by making the physical transformations his body goes through imediately audible to a stunned audience. Black Market International Jürgen is a […]

Roi Vaara (FI)

Roi Vaara Works for Live Aer Denmark 2015: “Wet Paint Handshake” and group performance with Black Market International. Wet Paint Handshake At our festival Kulstof 15 Roi presented his performance “Wet Paint Handshake”. Standing in the entrance area of the venue of the festival, Nordkraft in Aalborg/Denmark, dressed in formal black suit and bow tie, he extends his right hand, offering handshakes to the audience as they arrive. Only, between handshakes, he dips his right hand into a bucket of white paint, challenging the audience to accept the mess with the handshake, while his nice suit gradually gets  painted white. Black Market International Roi also performed with the legendary performance […]

Helge Meyer (DE)

Helge Meyer Works Live Art Denmark 2015 Group performance with Black Market International and solo performance “Home Stories 3” at Kulstof 15, Aalborg. Home Stories 3 As the last contribution to Kulstof 15, Helge performed Homestories 3, a solo performance. Audiences were invited to write thoughts or wishes onto stones that were then taped onto Helge’s body. Weighted down by the rocks, Helge took the audience for a walk to the nearby harbour, where he cast the stones one by one into the water, performing a ritual of absolution. Black Market International Helge also performed with the legendary performance association Black Market International. A movie about the festival with long […]

Alastair McLennan (UK)

Alastair MacLennan Work with Live Art Danmark 2015: “Rust a Gust” at Kulstof 15, Aalborg “Rust a Gust” Alastair participated in our performance program “Kulstof 15, The Body as Process an Image” in November 2015 as a member of the performance group “Black Market International“. He also presented an impressive solo performance, “Rust a Gust”. Outside, in the semi dark of the November night in Aalborg, he manipulated a collection of natural objects, including water, twigs, stones and strings, as well as artists materials, paper and ink on a table covered in white cloth. Siple manipulations and movement, but mostly focus and an almost uncanny personal presence let these simple […]