Marco Teubner

Works for Live Art Denmark
2015 “Fly” and group performance with Black Market International at Kulstof 15

Marco begins his performance, lying on his back on a table, moving slowly from side to side, a first image of flying. We might believe that the infernal creaking noises we hear emanate from the table, but they continue as Marco moves to the ground, places a bag of sugar with a small hole in it on the edge of the the table, and we see the sugar running out, like the sand in an hour glass. Marco dons a pair of fragile wings on his back, transforming  into a beetle-like creature, and finally he does fly: Held up by a long rope that runs from the roof of the huge hall several times around his mid section, he swings gently, an image of deep meditaion.

Black Market International
Marco also performed with the legendary performance association Black Market International. A movie about the festival with long excerpts from this exceptional group performance and statements from the performers can be seen here.


Photo: Peter Lind

About the Artist
Born in 1972 in Roth bei Nürnberg/Germany, Marco studied Appled Cultural Studies at the University of Hildesheim. He forms the Performance group System HM2T with Helge Meyer. Since 2000 he is asociated ewith the performance art group Black Market International. Since 2002 he works as a freelance author of children’s board games.

While Marco does not seem to have a personal website, and there is little information about his performance activities, there is a Wikipedia entry about his activities as an author of games.

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