Jürgen Fritz

Work for Live Art Danmark
2015 “Breath, Rhythm, Guitar Tuner” and group performance with Black Market International at Kulstof 15

Breath, Rhythm, Guitar Tuner
A simple set up leads to speactacular results in this performance. Jürgen, dressed in black suit and white shirt, holds a guitar tuning device in his mouth. Breathing in and out respectively produces three of the tones the six strings of a guitar are usually tuned to. Jürgen breathes in and out through the device, changing rhythms and intensity, creating a highly personal music by making the physical transformations his body goes through imediately audible to a stunned audience.

Black Market International
Jürgen is a co-founder of Black Market International, works with this international cooperation of Performance Artists since 1985 and performed with them at Kulstof 15. A movie about the festival with long excerpts from their group performance and statements from the performers can be seen here.


About the Artist
Jürgen showed his performances in all countries of Europe and the USA, Canada, Mexico, Asia and Australia. Since 2012 he lives as a freelance artist in Hanau, Germany. He is a co- founder of the International Performance Association IPAH and artistic director of the festival of performance art ZOOM!, co-founder and co-organizer of the Platform for Young Performance Artists and the IPA Summer. Since 1995 he is a lecturer in performance art at different Universities in Germany.

More information about Jürgen and his organisations can be found on this website.

Om liveart_dk

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