Carola Lehmann

Work for Live Art Danmark
2007 “Mickey Mouse på Sigtekornet” at Berliner Luft 3

Mickey Mouse på Sigtekornet
“Mickey Mouse in the Cross Hairs” is a travelogue inspired by a journey to New York and Washington that Carola Lehmann undertook to find, meet and film American artists and activists who work in the traditions of the political resistance movements of the 1960s and 70s. She was particularly interested in the “Yippies”, known for loosely structured, gentle and humorous actions in public space. Carola Lehmann found and interviewed, for example, the artist who directed four actors to ask silly questions on tours of the White House in Washington. She presents the performer-activist Reverend Billy and his Church of Stop Shopping. Carola finds inspiration for her own performances in the American traditions her subjects utilise as she mixes video, anecdotes, quotes and hands-on demonstrations to a performance-collage. Suddenly she interrupts her performance to demonstrate how to let go of it all. She says “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh”.

Videostill: Karl Stampes

Videostill: Karl Stampes

About the Artist
Carola Lehmann studied applied theatre studies in Gießen, and has worked as a theatre maker, video artist and teacher. She lives in Berlin. Much of her work focusses on American political soloperformance, that she curated for the 2006 festival Cross the Line, and on postdramatic theatre and politically motivated performative practices in theatre and everyday culture.


Videostill: Peter Sloth Madsen

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