Augusto Corrieri

Works for Live Art Danmark
2022 “This is Not a Magic Show” and “You the Audience” at Live Art for Børn, Dokk 1, Aarhus.

Augusto Corrieri came to the 2022 edition of our Live Art festival for children in Aarhus, and he brought not one, but 2 performances. Was it really Augusto who came? There was also a magician called Vincent Gambini, who looks very much like Augusto.

This is not a Magic Show
This was a magic show about magic. Vincent takes us on a magic journey, visiting the invisible mechanics, the clichés, and what magic tells us about theater and make believe. But the show was always a show, never turned into an abstract lecture. In fact, it turned out to be wildly entertaining. Constantly in dialogue with his young audience, he baffled them with classic, amazing close-up tricks from the history of stage magic.

You the Audience
With his second show, “You the Audience”, Auguto’s alter ego, postmodern magician Vincent Gambini, brought a brand new show to Aarhus. In it, he experiments with extraordinary card tricks, perception, and language. Every individual spectator gets to be the protagonist, although they might just sit and watch. They are the main character and, in fact, the theatre building itself, because magic happens inside the head of everyone who witnesses it, tries to understand how it is done, fails, and enjoys the deception. “You, the spectator” is a newly developed show about magic and time.

About Augusto
Augusto Corrieri is an artist and writer based in Brighton. His works for theatres and galleries have been shown across Europe and the USA. With a playful rigour, his performances deconstruct the apparatus of theatre, inviting spectators to reflect on questions of spectacle and ecology in the 21st century.

His book, In Place of a Show: what happens inside theatres when nothing is happening (2016) is published by Bloomsbury Methuen Drama.

In parallel to his performance and writing practice, Augusto presents magic shows under the pseudonym Vincent Gambini.

Find all the info on Augusto’s and Vincent’s websites, respectively.

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