Søren Dahlgaard

Work for Live Art Danmark
2011 “Dough Sculptures” at Samtalekøkken

Dough Sculptures
For the edition of Samtalekøkken held in May 2011, we invited Søren Dahlgaard who performed with two of his dough sculptures, working live in a performance with them for the first time, as he pointed out in an introductory speech. He also explained that one was a slow sculpture, while the other one was fast. It could be argued that it was not so much Søren himself who performed, as he acted more as a trainer and moderator for his dough sculptures. The large globs of dough were produced with different amounts of yeast and thus developed very basic, but captivating, lifes of their own. While the slow sculpture rose peacefully in an aquarium over the course of the entire evening, the fast one was coaxed by Søren to slide of different chairs.

About the Artist
Søren Dahlgaard (1973) studied at the Slade School of Fine Arts in London and graduated in 2002. In Søren’s work, method is challenged though narrative. He incorporates a type of understated slapstick in his work. This is mostly apparent in his performances and staged photography series. He its mostly known for his works with dough, as the “dough warrior” and for his “dough portraits”.

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