Leena Kela

Works with Live Art Danmark
2012 “Performance Performance” at Samtalekøkken
2016 “Performance Alphabet” and “Pssst” (with Mark Harvey) at Live Art for Børn 3

Performance Performance
In November 2012, Leena brought “Performance Performance”, a how-to self-help performance on inventing and creating a performance from scratch in 30 minutes, to Samtalekøkken.

Performance Alphabet
In her “Performance Alphabet”, shown at Live Art for Børn 2016, Leena presents a large collection of materials and objects typical for performance art, organised and presented in the sequence of the letters of the alphabet from A to Z. Each object and material is used in a short performance action. Many of the materials are contaminated as old clichés of the art form, which makes her performance as a whole a short ironical lexicon of the history of performance art.


Pssst was presented at Live Art for Børn 3 in collaboration with Mark Harvey. The aim of the work was to let the audience take over the performance. The artists, standing motionless on boards with wheels, did not walk or talk, but merely engage in conversation with minimal utterances while they let the spectators move them around the space. Pssst! explores what happens when an audience physically controls the performers and manipulators of the soundscape, and the difference between spectators and performers is reduced.


About the Artist
Leena Kela is a performance artist who also works with performance art pedagogy, photography and video. In her work she aims to approach the other and concepts of otherness. How does a human being, an animal, nature or even self manifest itself as other?

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