Jette Hye Jin Mortensen

Works for Live Art Danmark
2011 “Tell It the Way They Tell It”, Samtalekøkken
2016 “Songbook”, Samtalekøkken

Tell It the Way They Tell It
At Samtalekøkkenet in January 2011, she showed her video “Tell it the way they tell it” and spoke about how she produced it on equal terms with her mixed team of Danish art and video professionals to subvert the expectations of art institutions in her “foreign” gaze as a Korean born adoptee to Denmark.

Live Review
At Samtalekøkken, we invited art experts to live-review the performances. Jette’s presentation was live-reviewed by Mette Garfield of Teater 1. Hear Mette speak Danish in the video below.

In January 2012, she performed “Songbook” on the stage of the beautiful former court theatre in castle Christiansborg, today part of the Danish Theatre Museum. Jette calmly walks up and down the front of the stage, in front of the red velvet curtain. She reads a text based on associations on her own childhood memory of climbing a mountain with her father. Other performers remain hidden in the seats and boxes of the theatre, where they slowly, one by one, begin to ring small bells, until Jette’s voice is accopanied by a cluster of high, metallic sounds, creating a magical, fairy tale atmosphere in the ancient theatre.

About the Artist
Jette Hye Jin Mortensen is a visual artist. Born 1980 in South Korea, she grew up in Denmark. She is a MFA graduate from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2010 and received a 3-year working stipend from the Danish Arts Foundation in 2015.

Jette works interdisciplinary with installations, performance, science and permaculture in artprojects that explore identity, trauma/healing and sensory memory in the space between individual and collective experience.

Text and manuscripts often surround her works, and are displayed alongside the actual projects as a reminder of the “hidden text”: the ideological, cultural web that surrounds any work of art.

More info on Jette’s website.

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