Ammar Abo Bakr (EG)

Ammar Abo Bakr Ammar Abo Bakr: The Lady’s Brigade 4 In May 2016, Amma Abo Bakr spent 20 days in Denmark / Kongens Nytorv. He created the work “The Lady’s Brigade 4” as part of the Live Art Denmark project “COLAB“. Ammar, like the seven other artists in the project, was awarded a Danish mentor. MP Brian Mikkelsen introduced Ammar to the Danish government and Danish politics. Ammar wished to relate in a site specific way to Denmark, Copenhagen and Kongens Nytorv, and to the mural, that was already there. The mural was a work by Henrik Dybdahl and Phuc van Dang on the wall opposite Hotel d’ Angleterre. See […]

Khaled Jarrar (PS)

Born in Jenin in 1976, Khaled Jarrar lives and works in Ramallah, Palestine. Jarrar is a former member of the Presidential Guard to Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas that has now became one of the most prominent artists of our times. With highly symbolic photographs, videos, and performative interventions focused on his native Palestine, multidisciplinary artist Khaled Jarrar explores modern power struggles and their socio-cultural impact on ordinary citizens. The everyday objects appearing in Jarrar’s reflective work, whether by their shape or nature, are juxtaposed with the severity of the issues he examines, thus giving the political content of his art greater significance while underscoring the autobiographical nature of his […]


URNAMO Ali Al-Ftlawi (Iraq) and Wathiq Al-Ameri (Iraq) work reflect their personal history. They present a view from exile, combining a critical perspective with the hope of returning to their homeland. Their art explores issues of confrontation and war. Friends since childhood, both performers received a classical education at the University of Fine Arts of Baghdad. Several years ago they decided to escape the regime of Saddam Hussein and embarked on an odyssey. Using false papers, the two crossed the Iraq border into Jordan where they reproduced classical and Arabic paintings until they collect enough money to reach Sudan and from there traveled by truck through the Sahara to Libya […]

Jelili Atiku (NG)

Jelili Atiku Jelili Atiku is a Nigerian multimedia artist with political concerns for human rights and justice. Through drawing, installation sculpture, photography, video and performance (live art); he strives to help viewers understand the world and expanding their understanding and experiences, so that they can activate and renew their lives and environments. For over decade, Jelili has put his art at service of the prevailing concerns of our times; especially those issues that threatening our collective existence and the sustenance of our universe. The contents of these concerns ranging from psychosocial and emotional effects of the traumatic events such violence, war, poverty, corruption, climate change, etc., that associated with our […]

Ato Malinda (KE)

Ato Malinda Ato Malinda and Peter van der Meijden are looking at how different objects are being represented at Danish museums. They are giving a special focus to the ways African objects are being displayed and how they come to represented a unitary identity of Africa; a huge land made by many different cultures with distinct languages and costumes. Most of the objects Ato and Peter analysed, recruited during colonialism time, they were primarily functional objects in their places of origin. They were brought to the West and today they gained certain aesthetic qualities that they didn’t originally have. What is the criteria used by Danish museums to archive and […]

Christian Etongo (CM)

Christian Etongo At COLAB Copenagen Christian Etongo is working with Jessie Kleemann Cameroon and Greenland are geographically separated by 8,058 kilometers. At a first look one can only see differences between those countries – their cultures, geography, climate conditions, traditions, etc. Christian Etongo and Jessie Kleemann found a very important aspect that link both this distinct areas of the globe – their colonial past. Their research specifically focus on the disappearance of different traditions and rituals as consequence of colonialism and imperialist repression upon their countries of origin. Christian and Jessie are interested in debating about those consequences while reviving, today, those forgotten, often prohibited past rituals.“In our research, we discovered […]

Odun Orimolade (NG)

Odun Orimolade At COLAB Copenhagen Odun Orimolade worked with Mette Garfield in investigating individual and collective memory formation by exploring the womb as a poetic space, a space where we all have been but we seem not to have any memory of it. If memories start before birth, how would it affect our orientations, imaginations and the ways we look at ourselves and others? In addressing the import behind archiving, policies, laws and narratives about pre-birth ideologies and its impact on our social development, we are confronted with the institutionalised history that we come to accept and believe. This history informs and shapes our knowledge of the womb, the ways we relate […]